a visit to the philanthropist. (knowing #2)

We read the books of 1&2 Peter, James, and 1 John in class this semester, and talked a lot about whether we should give money to people on the street. After all, they could be using it to buy booze. Or non-medical marijuana.

Really what we figured out is that in that situation, we’re trying to love people without knowing them. And we need to know them in order to figure out what the most loving thing to do for them would be.

A week or so before we’d had this conversation, I was on a road trip to Vegas with some friends, and ran into a woman in the bathroom of the burger joint where we stopped on the way. She asked me for 75 cents.

I ended up buying her a burger…cause that’s the type of thing my mom did when I was a kid. I brought her over to eat with us, and she told us about how she’d been recycling cans and using her boyfriend’s truck for the last couple of months.

After eating with her, giving her a hug, and leaving, I felt so relieved to have literally seen where my money went.

And instead of that guilted-into-it awkward philanthropy-twitch I get sometimes when people hold a boot full of quarters up to my car window, I could honestly say that I cared.

What a concept, this knowing-people thing.


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  1. wait, this happened? why don’t i remember a strange woman eating wish us?

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