choir robes and last first days.

Normally when I sing at church it’s just me and the other three singers on the worship team, but today we had a combined service. The worship team got there at the crack of 7:30 for the early rehearsal and we sang with the choir for both services.

When the choir is just the older people who go to the first service, they have nice big graduation-gown-looking choir robes like any good Quaker church. Today, though, there was a note on the whiteboard in the choir room that said “NO ROBES TODAY.”

I’d always thought choir robes were kind of ridiculous, but as I thought about the difference it made for the worship today, I realized what they do. No one has to worry about how they dress in front of the congregation, and no audience member is distracted by what choir people are wearing.

They take the focus off of us. Which is the way worship is supposed to work.

Also, tomorrow is my last first day of school. I’m still planning on a grad degree at some point, but for the moment, this is it.

I prepare for it similarly to the way I got ready for my first day of seventh grade. Getting to bed early, making sure my books are in my bag, and debating which outfit I like best out of my clean clothes.

Granted, there are some differences, like the planner I scribble in and the fact that Mom won’t be driving me to classes or going over concepts with me. Still, there’s a funny comfort to measuring my life in semesters that I’m almost afraid of losing.

Here comes that “adult life” thing I’ve heard so much about.


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