i have read and agree to the terms of service.

It’s been said that the above sentence is the most common lie in the world.
And it’s probably true.

I don’t know of anyone who actually takes the time to scroll through all of the text before buying something online or downloading an application.
Why bother? You know the gist of it.

The problem is that I’m beginning to feel that way about everything. Skim skim skim. Three and a half years of college and I can pull a topic sentence out of almost any paragraph at light speed. No need to read closely.

We’re re-reading Plato for class and it’s become almost ridiculous to me how slowly we read it. It’s like the guy meant every word to have a purpose and value. And all I want to do is figure out which section I need to highlight.

(Kind of like you’re probably looking at this post trying to find the main point.)

It makes me think that we all too often say that we have “read and agree” to the terms of Christian service…when we’ve barely skimmed John 3:16.

Is acting on our beliefs okay when we’ve only got the gist of it?


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