they stole my heart and made me sing.

I went to see Mumford & Co. in San Pedro last night. Even better than I could have hoped.

Concerts (or “shows”) have always fascinated me. Why do we endure so much for them?

You pay more for the ticket than the band’s album. You pack into an arena and then choose whether to remain at a safe distance, or subject yourself to dozens of peoples’ body odor, stand for hours, and often lose the use of your arms in the pursuit of a closer view.

We obviously chose the latter.

The answer, which was more obvious than ever last night, is presence and community. Having something in common with a bunch of strangers and all singing about it together is a concept that’s a lot less common outside of church. And it’s a powerful thing.

I hadn’t been to a show in a while, and briefly hesitated about buying a ticket because I felt like it might take away from the observance of Good Friday. But Mumford is one of the bands that has actually helped me grow spiritually this year, so it seemed to fit.

The incredible thing was how much the lyrics spoke to me. I expected it of Mumford: lines like “You were born to meet your Maker” and “I know my call despite my faults” have helped me to refocus time and time again.

More surprising was Edward Sharpe’s performance. Their song “Janglin’ Soul” was only familiar to me as part of a Ford Fiesta commercial, and I’d never heard the second verse:

Well your wartime is funny, your guns don’t bother me
I said we’re out to prove the truth of the man from Galilee
Well your laws are for dummies, yes, your institution’s dead
I say we’re out to blow the trumpet to wake you all from bed – from bed

Hearing a chorus of people sing those words, even with the token smell of marijuana wafting through the crowd, was beautiful.

And the amount of community at that show was ridiculous. As you can see from the finale.

So much more I could say. There was a lot of good attached to that Friday.

This train is bound for glory, don't carry nothin' but the righteous and the holy.


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