the times they are a-crazy.

So, contrary to popular belief (in my own head), I’m actually going to graduate college.

Who knew the papers ended eventually?

I also just got an email from the guy who was the DP (that’s Director of Photography for all of you non-filmies out there) on THOR. Even though it was a three-word message confirming that he got my memo about the production meeting, I still feel slightly like the coolest person ever. Aaaaand I get to meet him today at said meeting.

I honestly was a lot more worried about graduation last year, when everybody had big plans and no one had to follow through on them yet. I’m probably going to be miserably poor for the next couple of years, but it’ll work out.

In the meantime, time to work for legit people for free some more in hopes that they’ll hire me before I have to start paying my loans back.


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  1. Those years right after college are the hardest ones, but persistence pays off. If you’re talented in your field, persistence will pay off in time. Stay the course, don’t get distracted, and you’ll find your way to the place where you want to be.

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