duck and cover.

As a rule, I think cover letters are tedious and stupid. Mostly because I can’t stand writing something specifically for a company with 95% confidence that they’ll barely glance at it unless they like my resume. Even though the point of the cover letter was to make the resume look better.
It’s also because I have problems going halfway on these things. Five generic sentences? Not happening.

I'd also rather use words ironically.

Here’s an example of what happens when I write a cover letter.
(Job in question = junior copywriter for fashion website.)

“Dear [Company],

Why would I want to work for you?

It’s simple. As a twenty-something living the dream in Los Angeles, like so many other people, I worry about whether or not I’m making a statement. Additionally, I worry whether the statement is something like “eww, gross.” I know I’m not alone in this.

Fashion sites offer a “stop, look and listen” service to the public. They tell the wanderers on the Internet to STOP thinking they can wear sweatpants everywhere, LOOK at what else they could be wearing, and–here’s where I come in–LISTEN to why not being frumpy is a worthwhile investment.

As someone who has run the gamut of skinny/fat, popular/unpopular, fashionable/not fashionable, I get it. Sure, confidence isn’t something external–it’s a decision you make. But so are the clothes you wear. So why not make good decisions all around?

If given the opportunity, I look forward to helping your company help all of the other dreamer-girls like me make good choices.



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