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Last week I was home for Thanksgiving. And what do people do who go home for Thanksgiving?

They do MAD CRAZY PHOTO SHOOTS because they’re not in LA and don’t have to get permits for every blade of grass they take a picture of. Obviously.

I had a ton of fun working with my old photog friend Miss Amy and designing this concept. Not to mention our models, the couple behind CPC Inc., were both gorgeous and super fun to work with.

How can you say no to these faces?

I’m so in love with them that I’ve used them for my new header and background, but you can go to Amy’s blog to see the full set.



home again, home again, jiggety-jig

For the first time in eleven months (count ’em), I’m going back home.

I’m not sure what I think about that.

When my brain first started switching over to writing my zip code as “90639” instead of “33068,” I started to worry a little bit in my head. Because maybe that meant that college isn’t just another summer camp that I’ll be coming home from with craft projects and carefully hoarded Snack Shack treats. Maybe this could be permanent.

When I got my first “care package” freshman year, I was thrilled beyond all reason. You’d never know it from my horrible inability to send thank-you notes, but the fact that I, in all of my first-semester insecurity, could walk back to Alpha Chi with a cardboard box that showed the world that someone loved me was totally fantastic.

Interestingly, the packages didn’t stop after my first year like I would have expected. My ever-thoughtful mother has continued to send boxes that arrive exactly on whatever day my biggest paper is due or I’m feeling the most depressed. It’s like she can still tell.

As much as I love packages in the mail, and feeling independent, and having all of the quality friends in the world to hang out with, there really isn’t anything for which I would trade the next three weeks. I’m already planning an itinerary that includes multiple music video shoots with my sisters, guitar rehearsals with Dad, baking and hour-long conversations with Mom, and learning how to build K-Nex from Jonny, who is no longer as much of a baby brother as I remember him to be.

I’m excited about going new places in life…but it’s so good to know that home is still there. And that somebody loves me.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – \”Home\”

beginnings and endings

Well, here I am…back into the blog world after an *insert insanely high number here*-month-long hiatus.

I guess I just had this idea that I was too busy in college to be writing letters to the internet. You know, unless it was something I had a deadline for or was being graded on. [I’m not, which is why I ended that last sentence with a preposition.]

Maybe partly it was just knowing that I won’t necessarily have a fan base. I know people follow my Twitter because Twitter tells me they do, and that gives me more motivation to post–because people apparently seem interested. But it’s a lot easier to keep a person’s attention for 140 characters than an entire blog post.

And why would I write something that I don’t know if anyone (besides my mom) is going to read?

Maybe partially for practice. If I don’t write, I don’t get any better, and then all of a sudden all those super nice things my high school English teachers said about me don’t add up to my actual written portfolio. I have to have something to show for whenever someone actually does look.

Additionally, my memory isn’t the greatest, and even looking back at my silly high school blog (, oh yes), has given me some much-needed perspective during some of my crappier college days. I can only imagine what documenting some of college will do for the rest of my life.

So, this will be my version of my dad’s crazy college journals…because I only have one more year, and Facebook pictures won’t tell the whole story.